Thyroid Carcinoma: Biomarker Reveals Cancer Cause

Biomarker reveals cancer cause.
CLIP2 serves as a radiation marker. After exposure to radiation from radioiodine, both the genetic activity and the protein expression are increased, as the scientists' studies were able to substantiate.
CLIP2 appears to be particularly significant in the development of tumours in the thyroid gland after radiation exposure. The researchers discovered a connection between high CLIP2 levels and the radiation history of patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma. In the study, the researchers were able to verify radiation-associated CLIP2 expression at the protein level in three different cohorts of patients with thyroid carcinoma. The findings were published in the journal Oncogene.
CLIP2 serves as a radiation marker and allows the researchers to distinguish between radiation-induced and sporadic thyroid carcinomas. In their investigations, the scientists developed a standardized method to determine the CLIP2 biomarker status. The biomarker allows them to draw conclusions about the mechanisms involved in the development of such tumours and to evaluate the risk of thyroid cancer after exposure to high level radiation, for instance, following a radiation accident.