GyroGlove Reduce Tremors In Parkinson's Disease By 80%

GyroGlove Reduce Tremors In Parkinson's Disease By 80%
Sketch of the GyroGlove showing the spinning discs
on top of the glove.
Parkinson’s disease may be one of the most baffling and complex neurological disorders. The disease was first described in 1817 by James Parkinson, who published a paper on what he called “the shaking palsy”.

Although symptoms may vary from person to person, tremors are one of the most characteristic symptoms of Parkinson’s, which often begin in hands or fingers. These tremors can have a huge impact on everyday life and consequently quality of life for patients. Activities that we all take for granted, like bathing, getting dressed, grooming, eating and drinking, writing, inserting a key into a door, can get both difficult and time-consuming. Many patients therefore experience psychological distress.

GyroGlove, developed by the startup GyroGear, seek to transform the everyday life of millions with their innovative lightweight tremor-reducing glove. The glove uses gyroscopes, spinning discs, which will do its utmost to stay upright and resist sudden tremors.

The GyroGlove has been developed together with end users, and each feature has only been included if it has provided notable benefits. This close cooperation with the end users has not only made a huge impact on the simplicity of the design, but also on the effect of the device. The gloves have been proven to reduce tremors by 80 percent, potentially changing the lives of 20 million people living with Parkinson’s disease - and 200 million with essential tremor.

GyroGlove Reduce Tremors In Parkinson's Disease By 80% - smartphone app
Compatible smartphone app track progress of tremors.
The company has also developed a compatible smartphone app to track the progress of tremors. This not only keep the patient and family informed, but give a unique opportunity to better the communication with physicians.

Earlier this year, GyroGlove won the inaugural £10,000 F Factor prize. The award, launched by Founders Forum, was set up to support young entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of technology. The money has gone into making the device smaller, and according to the founder Faii Ong the gloves might be ready for market next year.