PillPack Provide Innovative Prescription Delivery Service

When we talk about innovation in the bio industry, our minds go to advanced technology that revolutionize healthcare, or new classes of pharmaceuticals that help patients live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Pharmaceuticals are transforming many cancers into treatable conditions, reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease, offering new options for patients with hard-to‐treat diseases like Parkinson’s, and fighting even the rarest conditions.

According to a study, the average American fills 12 prescriptions a year, and more than one third of all prescription drugs are actually taken by elderly patients. While the number is shocking, and a major risk for adverse drug-drug interactions, it highlight the importance of adhering to a doctor’s regimen. While taking one prescription daily might not be an issue, taking a dozen is more complicated. Some are taken once a day, others twice a day. Some with food, others on an empty stomach. Some can be taken together, others cannot. Remembering such a routine once can be challenging in itself, let alone sticking to it day after day. Did you remember to take all you prescriptions today? Should you take them one more time, just in case? A 2005 study actually found that half of all people on medication don't take them properly, and it is dangerous!

PillPack, an American pharmacy startup, solve this by providing an innovative service where the prescription drugs are sent by mail order. But instead of sending each prescription drug in its own bottle, pills are sorted together into clear plastic wrappers printed with the date and time at which they should be taken. The company even contact your doctor when it's time for refills, and coordinate with insurance. They take care of everything, and you get your prescriptions on the door. The service, including shipping, cost about the same as picking up the prescriptions at the local pharmacy.

While the service might be difficult to implement in other countries, depending on formal institutions, the focus on the customer that this startup has is unique. The CEO of the company, TJ Parker, was quoted saying he want to bring back the friendly neighbourhood pharmacists in order to provide “an even more delightful experience for our customers.”

Earlier this year, they raised $50 million to start building physical pharmacies, and taking on other retail drug stores like RiteAid and Walgreens. PillPack is set to shake things up.