Propeller Health Breathe New Life Into Respiratory Disease Management

Worldwide, over 300 million people live with asthma and COPD. These are chronic respiratory diseases that cause your airways to swell and narrow making it difficult to breathe. In order to relieve the symptoms, such as shortness of breath and chest tightness, people use inhalers to deliver medications.

Because triggers that causes the symptoms can be individual, and uncontrolled respiratory disease are of greater risk of suffering an attack, experts recommend that people with asthma and COPD keep a diary of symptoms, triggers and use of medicine. Recording this information will help recognize attacks and head them off before becoming seriously ill, and the doctor can also use it to evaluate how well the treatment plan is working.

However, remembering to update these diaries can be tough, and as a consequence it can often become inaccurate and incomplete. Propeller Health has therefore made a sensor that keeps track of medication use, together with time and place the inhaler was used. The sensor is a small device that attaches to the top of the patient's existing inhaler, and the collected data and feedback can help better understand and manage the disease.

Screenshots from the Propeller Health app showing feedback.
The Propeller sensor wirelessly syncs with your smart phone using the phone’s built in Bluetooth technology, and the phone will automatically capture the data whenever the sensor is nearby. Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow users to view the synchronized data and give personalized feedback on how to improve asthma control or COPD status.

The innovative, FDA-cleared, digital health platform not only help to improve outcomes, but can play a key role in improving doctor-patient communication. Its huge potential made Propeller Health one of the "Fierce 15" MedTech companies by FierceMedicalDevices in 2015, and recently announced a R&D collaboration with the pharma giant GSK.