Jan Medical Develop Innovative Diagnostic Tool For Brain Disorders And Injuries

Jan Medical Develop Innovative Diagnostic Tool For Brain Disorders And Injuries
Imaging plays an important role in diagnosing many major pathologies of the brain, including trauma, malignancy, neuro-degenerative diseases and stroke. However, these imaging tests can take significant time and hospital resources, not to mention instances where it simply does not provide a proper diagnosis.

The California-based startup Jan Medical has developed a device that detect and measure pulses from the brain, and is able to identify and distinguish between normal and abnormal brain pulse patterns that occur during different pathologies. The heart drives blood bilaterally up into the brain through the carotid arteries. However, an asymmetric blood flow due to a disorder or injury set the brain into a pulsing motion. This pulse affects the skull, which accelerators are able to convert to electronic signals that can be measured.

The device, called Nautilus BrainPulse, is a headset containing six accelerometers that are placed in key locations to detect brain pulses. It also contain a photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensor that detect heart rate, and Sound Pressure Level (SPL) sensor for detecting ambient environment noise. A recording is completed in just 45 heartbeats, and the signals are transmitted to a cloud-based algorithm for analysis, before the results are sent to a tablet. The entire process takes about 3 minutes, and can detect abnormalities like ischemia, aneurysms, vasospasm, concussions and dementia.

The founder of the company, Paul Lovoi, lost his wife Jan to subarachnoid hemorrhage stroke, and has since committed himself to developing medical technology to monitor patients recovering from subarachnoid hemorrhages. It resulted in Jan Medical, which is dedicated to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from cerebral disorders. And to commemorate Jan, her signature is included in the company logo.

The touching story, dedication, understanding of patients’ needs and process of diagnosing and monitoring brain disorders, have turned into an innovative and important product.  The rapid, non-invasive and portable device can change how we diagnose several brain disorders and injuries, and help monitor disease progression and treatment outcomes. The huge potential in different markets and settings could produce exciting results and a bright future for the startup.

Jan Medical has completed clinical trials to evaluate the device and its algorithms on patients with vasospasm and concussion, and additional clinical trials are ongoing for pediatric DKA and dementia. In 2016, the startup announced it had secured $7.5 million in funding from Brainlab, which will be used to complete the ongoing clinical trials and file for FDA clearance and CE Mark registration.