Provide Equal Access To Latest Diagnostics And Treatments To Everyone Provide Equal Access To Latest Diagnostics And Treatments
It is the fundamental right of every human being to have access to the highest attainable standard of health, as well as the right to control our own health. Globally many face significant obstacles to accessing quality healthcare. Due to noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, they have substantially higher mortality rates than the general public.
People particularly vulnerable to access healthcare are often characterized by social and economic disadvantage and discrimination, who can also be subject of laws and policies that further compound this marginalization. Other times, your doctor simply do not know what options are out there, or patients live in a part of the world where the best treatment options are not yet available. This not only make it harder for people to access quality prevention and care services, but also take away the right to make an educated choice of their own health.’s mission is to empower and support patients worldwide by providing equal and quick access to the latest diagnostic tests and treatments for anyone. The service consists of doctors, patient advocates, regulators and experienced pharma executives who operate within the existing legal and regulatory framework to provide a global patient centric health service.
The service find diagnostics and treatments that have been approved in another country, but are not yet available in a patient’s country (limited footprint), and treatments that have been developed and tested but will take further years before final approval (Early Access Program Products). By making the information and prices transparent, they enable doctors to extend their toolkits and the patient to get information on what options is out there. charge a margin for the service.
If you are looking for a specific treatment or test that is not available in the web shop, also has a service called Find-a-Cure Squad that search all over the world to find the product. If it is available, they will do anything to get it to you. Provide Equal Access To Latest Diagnostics And Treatments
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The service was founded after losing family members and friends to life-threatening diseases that could have been treated more successfully. Among them Steve, a father of two and loving husband who passed away from ALS. In loving memory of Steve, they want him to be a representative for anyone who is fighting for their health. intend to become the best global shop and find-cure-store for patients, their doctors and health care professionals in urgent need. However, it is important to highlight that it is not a platform for patients to buy treatments online without consulting doctors. It is a service that help patients get updated information on the best possible treatments and diagnostics available. They then contact their doctors, ultimately improving doctor-patient relationship and communication, before choosing the best personalized option. For doctors, the service provide a powerful toolkit to search for available treatment options for their patients, in order to give them the best possible treatment and health outcome.
The patient-centered approach together with the beautiful and touching story, make this service unique. While other organizations could easily copy the setup, the story and engagement behind the service is both admirable and inspirational. It is about understanding people and their need, and the urge to help them. The burning question, however, remains unanswered: Why are the best diagnostics and treatments not made available to everybody?
I love Steve!