Constant Therapy Develop App To Deliver Personalized Therapy For Brain Injury

Constant Therapy Develop App To Deliver Personalized Therapy For Brain Injury
Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Recovery from a brain injury can be a long and difficult process, due to its dramatically varied and individual effects. Many are plagued with persistent cognitive, communicative, physical, social, vocational, educational, and psychological issues. This can be emotionally draining for both patients and their caregivers, hindering recovery progression.
The Boston-based startup Constant Therapy develop an app that incorporates groundbreaking research on brain plasticity and rehabilitation to deliver personalized therapy tools for patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities. Their NeuroPerformance analytics engine creates personalized exercises for patients, improving their cognitive, language and learning skills, and transforming the delivery of brain rehabilitation.
While traditional paper-based therapies rely on manually delivered exercises, Constant Therapy has a library of 58 science-based task categories and over 60,000 exercises. These exercises are delivered based on what areas each individual patient needs to improve, their progression, and develop a detailed and unique brain profile map. The app is available through a subscription model, costing $20 per month for home use, but is free for clinicians to use in one on one therapy sessions.
The innovative app deliver a more engaging solution to patients, giving both them and their clinicians the ability to track data and progression over time, ultimately improving recovery times. It give clinicians a clear picture of how the patient is doing, and the reports and analytics generated by Constant Therapy significantly reduce time spent on paperwork, while at the same time giving better and more accurate clinical decision-making.
The innovative app is the future of speech, cognitive and language rehabilitation, allowing patients to work independently without the major costs of individualized effort. The software has a wide applicability, and is currently used by Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, the Stroke Comeback Center, the MossRehab Aphasia Center, and even deliver therapy to students with learning disabilities in school settings. A clinical trial is underway in the VA Boston Healthcare System to test the software in early-stage Alzheimer’s patients, and its potential use in epilepsy treatments is explored in research at Northwestern University.
Although there are related startups out there, Constant Therapy has a massive library of exercises that give them a competitive advantage. In addition, these startups are not necessarily competitors, but could also complement each other in the growing trend of telehealth.
The startup won the American Heart Association People's Choice Award for the best health technology of 2015, and recently raised $2 million Series A funding round led by Golden Seeds. Other investors in the round include Kapor Capital, Launchpad Venture Group, and Pond Ventures.