GlowDx Develop Innovative Diagnostic Tests For Neglected Tropical Diseases

GlowDx Develop Innovative Diagnostic Tests For Neglected Tropical Diseases
More than 1 billion people globally, mostly vulnerable populations in low and middle-income countries, are affected by neglected tropical diseases. Inappropriate healthcare systems in these regions restricts access to a proper diagnosis, making it difficult to prevent and control diseases. Early diagnosis is important in order to start an effective treatment within a critical time span, evaluating the treatment, identify disease outbreaks, as well as drug resistance. However, current methods to diagnose neglected tropical diseases are not cost-effective in developing countries, and state-of-the-art technologies fail to adapt to low resource settings.

The Cork, Ireland-based startup GlowDx employs novel molecular biology to provide developing countries with high quality diagnostics tests, focusing on neglected tropical diseases. Their product is a test tube containing a DNA computer, allowing clinics to diagnose a wide range of diseases quickly by taking a single blood sample, placing it in the reaction tube. If the pathogen is present, the tube will glow, giving a rapid and reliable result. While current methods cost up to $300 dollars, the new highly portably test is expected to cost around $30, with test results ready in an hour. The startup is set to launch a dengue test in Honduras, and is working on developing a test for chikungunya. In addition to supplying these molecular low cost tools to developing countries, the company also plans to establish a data management system for the prevention of epidemics and improve public health.

The startup, founded by Yensi Flores, Blaine Doyle and Aisling Finn, is set to transform the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases market. They have developed a business that could have global impact, changing countries’ approach to public health. The innovative test provide increased sensitivity and specificity while reducing costs, meaning that the technology is accessible to those who need it most. The simplicity of the test also make sure that there is no need for specialized personnel or technologies to use.

The team behind the startup has a deep desire of making a global impact, stopping the spread of disease and prevent wrong and potentially fatal treatment being administered. And although they are initially targeting Honduras, the tests have huge potential in rest of Latin and South America, as well as Africa and much of Asia, saving millions of people globally. GlowDx could become a leader in developing diagnostics tests, and are looking to expand their portfolio into diagnosing diseases that universally affect humanity.

GlowDx has previously been part of the IndieBio 2015, an accelerator program that help startups develop ideas for novel biological technology. They were also one of the eight finalists in the Health and Wearable Technologies category of the SXSW Accelerator pitch competition, and won Ireland’s Best Business Idea for 2015.