Snap40 Continuously Monitor Vital Signs To Improve Outcomes And Reduce Health Costs

Snap40 Continuously Monitor Vital Signs To Improve Outcomes And Reduce Health Costs
Vital signs are important indicators of patients’ clinical condition and recognize early clinical deterioration. Monitoring is key to identify high and low risk patients, who needs immediate care, and to initiate appropriate treatment. However, complete and continuous assessment of vital signs remain a great challenge. It require extensive resources, and finding new solutions that make the process more efficient is top priority.
The Glasgow-based startup Snap40 develop a wearable device to continuously monitor patients’ heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, movement, temperature and perspiration. The armband transmit results wirelessly, and the collected data is interpreted in real-time using sophisticated machine learning and statistical techniques. This enable the identification of patient deterioration, and the development of a notification system that allow healthcare providers to intervene earlier and quicker.
The interpretation of data from assessments is vital in determining the level of care a patient requires. The innovative solution made by Snap40 mean that we can identify which patients who need immediate care, and reallocate resources thereafter. The wearable device could significantly reduce unnecessary hospitalization, facilitate earlier patient discharge, and even monitor patients at home. The device has the potential of both saving millions of dollars, and maybe most importantly better health outcomes and save lives.
The device was developed by Dundee medical student Chris McCann after an elderly relative had complication in hospital. The device is currently being tested in a volunteer research project, funded by the Digital Health Institute, with 100 students in conjunction with the University of West of Scotland.
The startup recently announced that they had won an SBRI Healthcare Development Contract, a funding initiative of innovative products that address unmet health needs. Snap40 is also a semi-finalist in Onestart 2016, the world’s largest accelerator for startups seeking to dramatically improve human health.