TrueVation Enhance Doctor Visits By Optimizing How Medical Histories Are Taken

TrueVation Enhance Doctor Visits By Optimizing How Medical Histories Are Taken
The medical interview between a patient and a clinician is of great diagnostic and therapeutic value. In fact, despite technological advances, it is estimated that two-thirds of diagnoses can be made based on the patient’s medical history alone. An accurate understanding of the patient not only provide focus to the physical examination, but is key in making it more productive and time efficient. In addition, clinical hypothesis generated during the interview provide the basis for a cost-effective utilization of the clinical laboratory and other diagnostic modalities.
TrueVation Technologies is a digital health startup focused on creating innovative solutions to enhance the doctor-patient visit in hospitals and medical offices. Their product, PatientPrep, is developed to optimize the way medical histories are taken, summarized and documented. Before the visit, or while in the waiting room, the patients fill out a 3 minute long multiple-choice questionnaire describing their symptoms or reason for visit. Clinicians are also able to create questionnaires specific to their area of focus. The software then summarize and automatically compose an editable clinical document for the doctor, which can be used during the visit to confirm and dive deeper into the patient’s history. The business model of the platform is subscription based fees paid by healthcare providers, and is free for any patient to use.
The smart and innovative technology could significantly reduce manual paperwork, make documentation process more efficient, and help clinicians spend more quality time with patients. Time constraints during doctor visits can often make patients feel rushed or anxious, resulting in inaccurate information. PatientPrep ensure that key questions and information are gathered, giving patients more time to think through and answer questions, increasing accuracy of answers and potentially a more accurate diagnosis. Ultimately, the software engages patients, giving them more control of the visit.
The medical interview play an important role in establishing a positive relationship between the doctor and the patient. An empathic and patient-centered interview lessen the feelings of helplessness that often accompany an episode of illness, and can even bolster the patient’s sense of self-esteem. It is important to highlight that PatientPrep has no intention of replacing this, but is meant to supplement in order to make an easier and richer experience. It provide a better foundation for care and education, allowing more time to be spent on actually helping the patients, enhacing quality of care.
TrueVation Technologies has been selected to take part in the Blueprint Health accelerator in New York City. The program identifies innovative healthcare companies and helps them build the next generation of high growth global businesses in the healthcare space.