Admetsys Develop Artificial Pancreas To Control Blood Glucose In Hospital Care

Admetsys Develop Artificial Pancreas To Control Blood Glucose In Hospital Care
For people at diabetic risk, glucose control is crucial while in hospital or surgery. In fact, studies have indicated that abnormal glucose levels in inpatients is associated with increased risk of complications and mortality, a longer hospital stay, a higher readmission rate, and higher need for transitional or nursing home care after hospital discharge. However, current solutions are labor-intensive and imprecise, and finding new solutions are key to reduce complications and speed recovery.
The Boston-based startup Admetsys has developed the first fully-automated blood glucose control system for hospital care. The Admetsys Smart Pancreas attaches to a patient’s intracenous line and automatically measure blood glucose concentration in real time. Based on these measurements, the platform uses an algorithm to analyze a patient’s metabolism, and then precisely infuses insulin to reduce high glycemic levels  and glucose to raise and support falling levels.
The technology is a direct answer to a desperate medical need and market demand. Today, over 40% of patients admitted to hospital are now at diabetic risk, and to meet the challenges we need more precise and cost effective tools. Properly controlling glucose levels could reduce complications with up to 50%, reduce the length of ICU stay with close to 2 days, and reduce overall in-hospital mortality with 34%. This not only increase standard of care, but significantly lower costs. Diabetic care is already exceeding $245 billion annually in the US alone, with 43% of these costs coming from hospital care.
The startup was founded by Jeff Valk, Tim Valk and Glenn Robertelli after being challenged by a critical care nurse to improve diabetic care in the hospital. Their unique understanding of the problem has resulted in an innovative solution that could save millions of lives, and they are now collaborating with hospitals in both US and Europe to conduct clinical trials. They hope to gain European approval in 2016, and US approval early 2017.
Admetsys has not gone unnoticed and the startup has participated in multiple competitions, and some of their awards include 1st place in 2015 HealthTECH Startup Competition and 2015 BioPitch. The startup was also a finalist in Boston 50 On Fire, celebrating the hottest influencers, innovators and game changers. The company was initially fully funded by its three founders, but have the last year received $1 million in an angel-funded capital round, and is working on completing a $10 million Series A financing round.