Daeki's Innovative Health Tech Device Measure Cholesterol Through Saliva

Daeki's Innovative Health Tech Device Measure Cholesterol Through Saliva
Cholesterol is vital for normal functioning of the body, but excessive high levels can have a negative effect on your health. Evidence strongly indicates that high cholesterol increase the risk of narrowing of the arteries, heart attack, stroke, ischemic attack and peripheral arterial disease. Cholesterol levels can easily be measured through a blood test by healthcare providers, and reducing high levels can be achieved by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet combined with regular exercise.
For many, however, a balanced diet is far from enough, and the administration of cholesterol-lowering drugs is required. In order to determine the success of these measures a new blood test has to be taken regularly. In addition, many are afraid of needles, and finding a simpler needle-free solution is of priority.
The Santiago, Chile-based startup Daeki develop a device to measure cholesterol wherever and whenever by only using saliva. Saliva is extracted and put in the device, and a screen will show the quantitative results of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides in an instant. The simple and innovative device require no trained personnel, and the instant results and no restrictions with asepsis, make it perfect for home-use. In the future, its measurements could include glucose, vitamins, and hormone levels.
The portable device could have a huge potential in low-resource and rural settings. Current technologies requires trained personnel, specialized equipment and laboratories, which can be difficult to locate in these settings. The technology by Daeki could serve as a point-of-care diagnostic device, removing barriers and increasing access to healthcare. With three quarters of the world’s deaths from cardiovascular diseases occur in low- and middle-income countries, this device could significantly lower these numbers, and serve as a powerful public health tool.
By developing a digital platform around the device, it could also be used in telehealth, one of the fastest growing markets in medicine. Automatically transmitting and analyzing data for irregularities and warning signs, sharing results with your doctor. It could engage patients, giving them more insights into their own health, and let doctors focus on the patients who need immediate care, or identify the need for dosage change of the cholesterol-lowering drugs.
The innovative startup has multiple interesting strategic opportunities, highlighting the impressive potential of their technology. Previously they have been part of Brain Chile, and they were also a semifinalist in the 2016 OneStart, the world’s largest accelerator for startups seeking to dramatically improve human health.