QuiO Develop Device To Eliminate Self-Injection Errors And Improve Adherence

QuiO Develop Device To Eliminate Self-Injection Errors And Improve Adherence
With the launch of new biologic and large-molecule drugs that are best delivered via injection or infusion, the self-injection treatment market continue to grow. Patients use auto-injectors, injection pens or prefilled syringes to deliver a subcutaneous dose of medication as prescribed by their physician. Sadly, the FDA has seen an increase in errors and adverse events related to patients self-administering, and developing solutions to reverse these trends are key.
The New York-based startup QuiO is developing a smart injector for eliminating self-injection errors and improving medication adherence, giving chronic disease patients the ability to confidently treat themselves. After the medication has been administered, the hand-held device wirelessly sends data confirming dosage and injection performance to an adherence monitoring platform, enabling loved ones, caregivers or doctors to remotely track medication consumption in real-time. The data is also continuously fed into an automated coaching system, which sends personalized messages to the patients in order to cost-effectively improve disease management.
The innovative device take full advantage of digital solutions, helping deliver better quality and more efficient care for both patients and clinicians. QuiO has built a powerful platform that let doctors monitor their patients, making sure they get the best possible care. Most importantly, it could significantly decrease errors and adverse events related to self-administrations of medications, and improve disease management. It could improve adherence and health outcomes, and engage patients to make them more confident regarding their own health.
QuiO was a semifinalist in 2016 OneStart, the world’s premier life sciences and healthcare accelerator, and was named the winner of the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge.
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