Brainshake Transform Healthcare With Blood Test That Measure Over 200 Biomarkers In Single Sample

Brainshake Transform Healthcare With Blood Test That Measure Over 200 Biomarkers In Single Sample
Approximately 70 percent of healthcare diagnostics is based on blood analysis. In fact, there are more than 100 different types of blood tests available. However, these commonly used tests provide limited information and lead to general population care and massive healthcare costs. Developing and introducing cutting-edge technology that not only reduce healthcare costs, but also enable preventive medicine is key to help doctors provide the best possible care more quickly and accurately.
The Finnish startup Brainshake is determined to bring extensive biological data to routine healthcare with the aim of replacing reactive healthcare and enable preventive medicine in chronic diseases. They have developed a technology that with a single blood test, fast, reliable and affordable is able to measure over 200 biomarkers associated with chronic diseases. Backed by scientific findings published in leading academic journals, these biomarkers include amino acids, glycolysis related metabolites, glycerides and phospholipids, cholesterol and fatty acids. They not only help diagnose and monitor diseases, but can profile and assess risk of diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
The innovative platform collect 50 times more data than current clinical lipid test and this extensive data is key to predict and prevent disease risk. This is a unique and unrivaled solution compared to other blood tests on the market, and the platform is designed to minimize manual labor, enabling speed, quality and scalability in a global scale. Combined with the affordability of the technology this platform could help increase access to healthcare around the world, leading the way to transform medicine.
Chronic diseases are now the major cause of death and disability worldwide, and seven of the top ten causes of death in 2010 were potentially preventable chronic diseases. Brainshake could play a major role in fighting these diseases, not only lowering costs of diagnosis, but be a frontrunner in the shift from reactive to preventive healthcare.
Brainshake is working closely with scientists to continuously create new scientific discoveries, and is already using the innovative platform and running analyses for leading universities and biobanks in Europe. They were also one of the first five startups to join StartUp Health Finland. The program include direct access to ongoing coaching and mentoring in Finland and the US, market access to key US and global healthcare stakeholders, including StartUp Health’s global network of 30,000 investors, customers and experts.