Buddy Healthcare's Innovative Platform To Transform Pre- And Post-Surgery Care

Buddy Healthcare's Innovative Platform To Transform Pre- And Post-Surgery Care
Pre- and post-operative procedures are specifically designed to improve the outcome of surgery, decreasing the risk of complications, and make the surgery as safe and effective as possible. Proper pre-surgery preparation is vital for patient safety and quality of care, but many operations are canceled last minute due to lack of control or visibility over the preparation process. In addition, hospitals face financial pressure to reduce readmissions, but lack resources for monitoring patients’ recovery and identifying patients at risk. This not only increase the strain on the healthcare system, but could potentially put patients’ at risk.
The Finnish startup Buddy Healthcare is determined to transform pre- and post-surgery care, and have developed a platform that automates and monitors patients’ surgery preparation and recovery procedures. The digital health solution is designed especially for children’s hospitals to address the unique challenges of pediatrics, and not only improve patient experience, but also enables nurses and doctors to focus on the patients in need of attention.
The innovative platform give notifications and reminders on important activities, as well as access to care-related instruction videos from your doctor-in-charge. In addition, it also help manage and reschedule appointments, navigation to hospital, provide feedback on received care, and communicate with your hospital, including help you fill in pre-admission forms and other administrative documents. This improve patient experience and engage patients who spend less time within hospital walls, ultimately delivering a more efficient healthcare system and significant savings of hospital resources.
More importantly, the mobile health service give patients access to all care-related information and instructions from preparation to recovery, improving quality of care and potentially saving lives. The startup has identified a specific need in pediatrics, and have developed an innovative digital health solution that help patients and their families connect with hospitals more efficiently. And the data gathered, can be used for instant feedback and analyzed to develop better guidelines, use of hospital resources, and a better healthcare system.
Buddy Healthcare’s mobile health solution is developed together with four leading children’s hospitals in Finland and US, and is one of the first 5 startups to join StartUp Health Finland. The program include direct access to ongoing coaching and mentoring in Finland and the US, market access to key US and global healthcare stakeholders, including StartUp Health’s global network of 30,000 investors, customers and experts.