Moving Analytics Develop Home-Based Digital Cardiac Rehab Program

Moving Analytics Develop Home-Based Digital Cardiac Rehab Program
Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Most deaths occur within the first two days after onset, while those who survive this period often progress well. It is well documented that participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program enhance recovery, reduce mortality and read, but only one third of patients participate in such programs. Adherence to these programs is also a huge problem with only about one third maintaining attendance after 6 months. Although complex, the main barriers to participation and adherence is high cost and long distance to the hospital, and developing innovative solutions could help provide rehab to all eligible patients.

The Marina Del Rey, CA-based startup Moving Analytics help cardiac centers implement remote cardiac rehabilitation programs delivered through patients’ mobile devices. They have digitized MULTIFIT, a home-based chronic disease management program developed by Stanford University and Kaiser Permanente, which has been validated in over 70,000 patients. The app, called Movn, guide patients through supervised exercises, monitors their vitals and provide educational materials, in order for them to reach daily rehab goals. It can also help remind patients about medications and follow-up appointments, and the startup has developed a web-portal that enable care providers to track patient progress and specifically administer care plans.

The innovative product help hospitals seamlessly offer a more convenient and affordable rehabilitation to patients that currently have been unable to attend any cardiac rehab programs. The increased access engage and empower patients to take control of their own health, potentially reducing both 5-year mortality and readmission rates by half. The digital solution give patients a direct link to their care team where they can report symptoms and receive follow up phone calls, ultimately improving doctor-patient relationship. It also means that the care team gain insight into patient behavior and can proactively intervene when appropriate, enabling hospitals to focus their resources where they are needed the most.

Moving Analytics is working with multiple hospitals, including Keck School of Medicine, Trinity Health, NYU Langone and VA Atlanta. Earlier this year they raised $1.1 million in a round led by Launchpad Digital Health, an accelerator where the startup was enrolled, with additional contributions from HealthX Ventures. The startup has also gone through the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx accelerator program.
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