Med Angel Keep Medication Safe Through Continuous Temperature Monitoring

Med Angel Keep Medication Safe Through Continuous Temperature Monitoring
Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the stability of a medicine, and both heat and cold may reduce their efficacy. For example life-saving drugs like insulin are very sensitive to heat and can lose effectiveness in high temperatures, and taking incorrectly stored medication can have severe immediate and long term medical consequences.

The Netherlands-based startup Med Angel is determined to help store medication at a safe temperature. They have developed a device and an app that continuously monitors the temperature of your medication and alerts you if it gets critical. Using the app, the user selected the medication they are using, and choose an operating mode; whether it is in storage at home, with them on travel, or with them every day. The Med Angel device is then put in the same container as the medication to measure the temperature, and will connect and synchronize with the phone every time they are nearby.

As the burden of chronic diseases rapidly increase worldwide, we are more and more reliant on having medicines with us at all times. Many medications for chronic diseases are especially sensitive to temperature changes, and not knowing whether it is effective or not can be stressful for many patients. Med Angel has identified this problem and developed a relatively simple, yet very innovative, digital solution that can give peace of mind to millions of patients who are reliant on their drugs in their everyday lives to stay alive. It can be used in refrigerators when storing medications, in luggage during travel, or make sure it has not been overheated on you during the summer. It prevents wastage and the need to throw away medication, but most importantly, the technology make sure that the medication has not lost its efficacy, and that it is safe for patients to use.

Med Angel has been part of Rockstart’s digital health accelerator, a 180-day intensive program focused on helping build, validate and scale digital health startups. The startup is also developing a second product, Med Angel Pro, an automated monitoring refrigerator focusing on clinics.

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