Adhesys Medical Set To Disrupt With Innovative Surgical Sealants

Adhesys Medical Set To Disrupt With Innovative Surgical Sealants
Surgical sealants are used in many procedures, and the choice of material is important to create an optimal setting for wound healing. The two major players at the moment is cyanoacrylate derivatives, most commonly used to close skin wounds, and fibrin glues that are used for a variety of situations within the body. However, both have disadvantages, and developing new sealants with a special focus on the high-stress, wet environment in constant movement inside the body is of high importance.

The Germany and US-based startup Adhesys Medical is looking to disrupt the current market with a novel sealant. Their technology contain two main components: a synthetically manufactured polyurethane prepolymer, which is functionalized with reactive isocyanate groups and an amino-based curing agent. When these two components are mixed together in a 2-chambered syringe, it generates a transparent film that is easily applied to the injured tissue and that polymerizes within seconds. The different properties of the technology can be fine-tuned, changing its elasticity, curing time and degradation time, adjusting it to specific medical indications.

Although entirely synthetic, the innovative technology is non-toxic, and not only completely biocompatible, but 100% biodegradable. The adhesives fit perfectly to the underlying tissue, forming a second skin, and its high viscosity allow it to be applied to any kind of wound, even in uneven areas. And due to its hydrophilic nature, fluids acts as a catalyst to the adhesive’s reaction, making it perfect for wet environments.

The startup’s products are able to seal high-pressure wounds, providing a safe and strong wound closure. And while the technology features many revolutionary characteristics with the potential to meet a wide variety of clinical needs, its ease of use and application make it especially suitable for emergency situations. The innovative sealants could radically enhance surgical procedures, help minimize complications, improve patient comfort and quality of life, ultimately saving lives.

Adhesys Medical has won multiple awards since it was founded in 2013 in Aachen, Germany, including the Rice Business Plan Competition, the 2015 Biomedica Award, Falling Walls Venture and startup of the year 2015, JLABS @ TMC Quick Fire Challenge, the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit Prize, Medtech Innovator Execution Award, as well as the 2016 MassChallenge Award. Their investors include Seed Fonds Aachen, KfW, S-UBG, and the GOOSE Society of Texas.