Clarius Mobile Health Develop Wireless Ultrasound Scanner For Smartphones

Clarius Mobile Health Develop Wireless Ultrasound Scanner For Smartphones
Ultrasound has become an integral part of medical practice. It is used for diagnosis of multiple medical conditions and assessment of treatment, including fetal wellbeing, heart diseases, and even guide biopsy procedures. However, the standard ultrasound machine is too bulky for a regular medical clinic and too expensive for low-resource settings, and access to an ultrasound facility is not always feasible.

The Canadian digital health startup Clarius Mobile Health is developing a wireless mobile ultrasound ecosystem with the goal of enabling ultrasound anywhere. Their handheld device and portable ultrasound scanners produce high-resolution images and transmits them wirelessly to any iOS or Android smart devices. Their Clarius C3 multipurpose scanner is designed to image the abdomen, lungs and for quick scans of the heart, while the Clarius L7 linear scanner is ideal for guiding procedures. The scanners are built with a magnesium case, designed to withstand difficult environments, and easy to clean and sterilize.

The technology was developed after talking with physicians who wished for an ultrasound device that could work with their phone, was easy to use, more affordable and better image quality than current handheld devices. Clarius Mobile Health’s innovative device allow for a quick and instant assessment, perfect for emergency care in the field. It can help reduce waiting times and improve clinician’s workflow, while significantly reducing overall health costs.

The Clarius system is expected to be priced so institutions can buy several for the price of a high quality portable ultrasound system. This not only make them more likely to be acquired for use in primary care clinics, but also in rural areas that currently have limited access to equipment and trained personnel. The simplicity of the technology means it requires minimal training, and the device is powered with a rechargeable battery. Most importantly, the startup has developed a powerful technology that increase access to care, which help improve both treatment and patient outcomes for millions around the world.

Clarius Mobile Health was founded by ultrasound innovators, and their technology is pending regulatory clearance from the FDA, CE and Health Canada. While early users are only able to use the Clarius Scanner for teaching and testing on models, it is ISO Certified and has met all safety requirements.