Ambucare Healthcare's Digital Platform Monitor Patients After Hospital Discharge

Ambucare Healthcare's Digital Platform Monitor Patients After Hospital Discharge
Post-operative procedures are specifically designed to decrease the risk of complications and improve outcome of the surgery. However, with rising healthcare costs, hospitals are facing financial pressures and are forced to reduce the length of stay. This put the optimal recovery process at risk, potentially exposing patients to complications and costly readmissions. In fact, as much as 20 percent of discharged patients are readmitted within 30 days. Currently, hospitals lack the resources necessary to monitor patients’ recovery and identifying patients at risk, increasing the strain on the healthcare system.

The French digital health startup Ambucare Healthcare has developed an innovative telehealth platform that help physicians and patients keep in touch, improving the patient’s recovery process. The technology is based on a web application that allow secure exchange of surveys, text, pictures and videos to acquire daily physical data to remotely and efficiently monitor patients after discharge. Using algorithms, physicians are allowed to identify benefits and side effects of treatments, wound healing and evolution of skin lesions, and even connect with glucose meters to monitor glucose levels in diabetic patients. By doing so, physicians are able to identify patients at risk, and more cost-effectively reallocate resources to patients who need immediate care.

The innovative platform even allow the different stakeholders to communicate, notifying primary care physicians after surgery, or updating information to nurses and physiotherapists. And each stakeholder can contact the patient, communicate and educate them based on the patient's feedback after surgery, optimizing the recovery process. So far, the system has been tested in more than 1500 ambulatory surgery patients in the Paris-region with an active participation rate of 63% and a satisfaction rate of 93%.

A rapidly expanding aging population and explosion in chronic diseases put strain on a healthcare system already struggling with limited resources. Fortunately, digital health is offering new and effective solutions that is able to tackle many of the challenges the healthcare industry is facing. Ambucare has developed an innovative platform that help improve care, putting the patient in focus, while helping hospitals and physicians better distribute the resources they have available. The technology engage patients and increase patient experience, making them part of the process and feel like they have a voice and are being heard.

Most importantly, the startup’s technology could help reduce post-surgery complications, accelerate the recovery process, improve patient outcomes and potentially save lives. It could reduce the number of unnecessary follow-ups and costly readmissions without putting patients in danger, saving the healthcare system billions annually. The simple, yet innovative solution highlight how powerful digital health can be, and the huge potential of Ambucare.

The startup is part of the Eurobiomed, an accelerator focusing on the healthcare sector and bringing innovative research that benefits patients to market, and is coached by Ernst& Young. They are also supported by the French public bank of investment, Bpifrance, and have signed a partnership with Arkéa On Life. The platform is currently being installed in hospitals around France with support from Merck, and the startup is looking to raise €1.5 million to expand to other European countries.