Medumo's Digital Health Solution Make Procedure Preparations More Efficient

Medumo's Digital Health Solution To Make The Procedure Preparation More Efficient
Preparation for medical procedures is vital for patient safety and quality of care. In fact, a study found that the information and education a patient receive before a procedure has significant positive effects on outcomes. Many procedures are canceled last minute due to lack of control or visibility over the preparation process, wasting valuable resources and driving up avoidable costs. Developing solutions focused on improving the preparation procedure process and patient engagement could improve health outcomes, while increasing efficiency and reducing overall health costs.

The Boston-based digital health startup Medumo is determined to improve patient engagement and the preparation process through simple, accessible instructions. They have developed a digital patient guide, providing healthcare organizations an easy way to inform and check-in with patients. The mobile and web-based solution sends patients timely instructions and reminders to keep them informed and on track throughout the procedure preparation process. The patient decides whether they want to receive the instructions via SMS or email, and give them the opportunity to share the instructions if someone is helping them with the preparations.

When it comes to procedure preparation information and education, patients have different preferences. Some people want as much information as possible, while others only prefer minimal information because it can increase their anxiety. Medumo put the patient in focus and has developed a digital health solution that in many ways individualize the procedure preparation process, tailoring it specifically for each patient.

The innovative technology has shown to increase adherence to the procedure preparation process, while driving patient satisfaction. It has also shown to reduce the number of patients who do not show up to the procedure by 67%, improving slot utilization and reducing avoidable costs. This means that healthcare organizations can use less resources on the preparation process, while producing better outcomes. It could even play a major role in reducing readmissions, which costs the healthcare system billions every year.

Medumo was founded by a group of Harvard physicians in 2013, and has been supported by the Brigham Care Redesign Incubator and Startup Program. The startup has also partnered with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to deploy a digital care guide for patients, and are among 31 digital health startups in the inaugural Pulse@MassChallenge, a new six-month accelerator in Boston.