Andiamo Use 3D Technology To Revolutionize Orthotics For Disabled Children

Andiamo Use 3D Technology To Revolutionize Orthotics For Disabled Children
Over 100 million people worldwide need orthotics, including people who suffer from cerebral palsy, spina bifida, a variety of spinal injuries strokes and even side effects from chemotherapy. And the demand increase by about 5% every year due to conditions like diabetes and obesity. The development of specialized orthotics for children can be especially frustrating for both the patient and their families. It require several fittings and can take months before they are ready. By the time the patient receive the new orthotic, they have often outgrown them. Meaning they will either have to make do with an ill-fitted product or start the process all over again.

The London-based startup Andiamo is determined to revolutionize the way orthotics services are delivered to families with disabled children. They are working with families and their afflicted children by using 3D scanning technology to create a biomechanical model of the child’s body, and subsequently 3D print a brace specifically designed to fit the child. The orthosis can be designed and produced within 48 hours, and delivered within 1 week of a person’s need globally. That is significantly faster than current technologies and systems, which can take several months.

The startup understand the uncertainty of getting an orthosis for your child, and has developed a subscription model that take care of all orthotic needs for 1 year. The all-inclusive package include assessment by experts and a lightweight, 3D printed orthoses and a flexible payment plan. If the orthosis breaks, or the child grows out of it during the year, Andiamo will replace it, showing they truly understand the frustration families go through of not knowing if the orthosis fit or how much it will cost.

Andiamo was founded by Naveed and Samiya Parvez after their son Diamo, who suffered from cerebral palsy, passed away. Throughout his short life, he underwent several fittings for specialized orthotics, but often found he had outgrown them once they arrived. Their lives revolved around when the next orthotic appointment was, and whether or not they would get it right this time, an everyday life filled with much frustration and dejection, and impairing their son’s quality of life.

Driven by the want to help relieve families of the suffering they themselves went through, Naveed and Samiya Parvez have developed an inspiring and innovative use of 3D scanning and printing. Andiamo and their service could change the lives of children and parents everywhere in need of orthoses, finally putting the patient in focus. It will significantly reduce wait times from months to days, leading to better outcomes. It has the potential to help make daily routines easier for many children around the world, significantly improving their quality of life.

The startup has previously had a successful crowdfunding campaign, and has won multiple awards and grants. They have been celebrated among the Nominet Trust 100, bringing together 100 of the world’s most inspiring examples of social innovation, and won the Natwest SE100 “Trailblazing Newcomer 2016”, Global Talent Unleashed “One to Watch 2016” award, and the Big Venture Challenge run by UnLtd. They have also received a £15,000 investment from Bethnal Green Ventures, won the Social Impact award by Mustard Seed, and placed in Tech All Stars’ top 12 European startups. Andiamo has so far prototyped the service with a few families in the UK, and in the next few years plan to take the service worldwide.