FollowApp Care's Innovative Digital Health Platform Track The Recovery Process

FollowApp Care's Innovative Platform Track The Recovery Process
The first 30 days following a procedure has been identified as a major focus area in health care. A majority of complications develop during this time period, resulting in many unexpected visits to the emergency department and re-admission to the hospital, costing billions of dollars annually. As hospitals face increased financial pressure, initiatives such as expedited discharge and fast-tracking programs require new solutions that help monitor and maintain quality of care while patients recover at home.

The London-based startup FollowApp.Care is building a communications bridge between doctors and patients with the aim to make the post-procedure process more efficient. They have developed a messaging platform that proactively communicates with patients, enabling doctors to receive patient responses to treatment and easily track the recovery progress. The solutions starts with the practice entering patients details into the web application, selecting the relevant procedure to be performed. On the day of the procedure and for the duration of their recovery, the patient receives check-in text messages or emails with instructions and questions regarding their recovery. FollowApp.Care monitors the patient’s recovery and notifies the clinic and doctor of potential complications before they occur, allowing doctors to take action and reduce unnecessary visits and readmissions.

The innovative technology enable patients to respond to questions specifically tailored to their procedures, and is available on whatever device they feel most comfortable communicating in. This drive positive customer experience, and can have tremendous effect on patient engagement. In addition, patient responses can be seen anytime from anywhere, allowing doctors to intervene and take action if necessary.  This enable doctors and clinics to save time and money by responding to complications more efficiently, and allow reallocation of resources to patients who require immediate care. It could even help reduce readmissions, which currently cost the healthcare system billions of dollars every year.

Most important is its focus on the patient. The technology increase quality of care and reduce adverse outcomes, ultimately improving health outcomes and give peace of mind. Patients know they have access to their doctor with the push of a button if there are questions about their recovery process, potentially reducing the uncertainties and anxiety that many feel after being discharged.

FollowApp.Care was founded in December 2014, and was awarded a place at the Oxford View program in 2015, a workshop developed and run by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Saïd Business School, Oxford to help accelerate the startup process.  Already in September, 2015 the startup got their first paying customers, and are today used across the US, UK and Australia.