Cohero Health's Digital Health Platform Revolutionize Respiratory Disease Management

Cohero Health's Digital Health Platform Revolutionize Respiratory Disease Management
Hundreds of millions of people suffer every day from chronic respiratory diseases, a group of diseases, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which have tremendous effect on everyday life. While no cure, there are treatments that help control symptoms, and developing new technological solutions could help optimize care and greatly improve quality of life for millions around the world.

The New York-based digital health startup Cohero Health is determined to transform respiratory disease management through smart mobile technology, and has developed BreatheSmart, a comprehensive respiratory disease management platform. The platform connects with different devices and sensors, including mSpirometer which measure lung function, and HeroTrackers, a 'jacket' that fits over the inhaler to track patient adherence. In December 2016, the startup launched a new inhaler together with H&T Presspart that track medication use in real-time, as well as quality of medication delivery. The devices wirelessly connects with the BreatheSmart platform, which delivers scheduled medication reminders, smart notifications and timely information and tips. In addition, the platform enable patients to record symptoms and triggers to better understand what’s affecting their health, as well as share information with care providers in real-time.

According to the WHO, an estimated 300 million people live with asthma and COPD worldwide. Many fail to adhere to their prescribed medication, the main reason for hospitalization of patients with chronic respiratory diseases. Cohero is transforming respiratory care, enabling seamless, automated, end-to-end patient to provider integrated respiratory care management. The platform has previously showed an impressive 250% increase in medication adherence, and 100% reduction in hospitalizations.

The technology could lower overall healthcare costs by reducing hospitalizations and help healthcare providers better reallocate resources to where they are needed the most. They are able to track medication adherence, and adjust or change medication if the patient respond poorly, enabling personalized care. Most importantly, the technology empowers respiratory patients to engage in their care, and could significantly improve health outcomes and quality of life for millions of people.

Cohero Health was founded by Melissa Manice and Dan Weinstein in 2012, and has since been part of Grand Central Tech, Springboard Accelerator, Startup Health and was named the winner of the 2016 SXSW Interactive pediatric healthcare innovation pitch competition. The startup has gone through multiple seed funding rounds, with investors including Zaffre Investments, Three Leaf Ventures, Swanhill Capital, Samsung NEXT, Pacific 8 Ventures, P5 Health Ventures, and BioAdvance.