11 Health Set To Revolutionize Ostomy Care And Management

11 Health Set To Revolutionize Ostomy Care And Management
Ostomy is a procedures that is implemented to treat several conditions, including cancer, trauma and inflammatory bowel disease. The therapeutic approach can be either temporary or permanent, and as normal bowel function is interrupted, it creates many challenges. While the purpose is to treat and reduce patients’ pain and discomfort, it often leads to suffering, including pouch leakage, offensive odor, reduction in pleasurable activities and depression/anxiety. As a result, there is a huge unmet need for solutions that help control complications and improve quality of life.

The London-based startup 11 Health is determined to help ostomy patients, and is developing a device called Ostom-i that alert patients when their ostomy pouch is at a point where it should be emptied. The device clips to the outside of the ostomy pouch and uses Bluetooth technology to send a signal to a complementary app on a smartphone that alerts the patients that the pouch is filling up. The app can also create reports on the timings and volume of output, which can help clinicians predict dehydration or blockage potentially leading to readmissions. In addition, the startup has developed an app specifically for healthcare providers that automatically alert nurses when the bag is filling up, to help with care and management of patients. The software provide doctors with quantitative data that can assist in the treatment of patients and could potentially lead to earlier hospital discharge.

Michael Seres developed the technology after undergoing a small bowel transplant, requiring him to spend seven months in the hospital. He reached out to other patients throughout the world to understand how they managed being an ostomy patient. When everybody said they just coped, he bought a few tools off eBay and built a basic sensor. He attached it to his pouch while walking around the hospital, and it turned out to effectively send a signal as he walked around. He was introduced to Adam Bloom, an entrepreneur and pharmacist, and together they founded 11 Health.

Ostomy patients experience many challenges in relation to their quality of life, with leakage and odor being a major source of embarrassment, causing emotional and mental concerns. 11 Health has developed an innovative, yet simple and low-cost solution that can improve the life of hundreds of thousands around the world. Based on firsthand experience and feedback from thousands of ostomy patients, their technology provide non-intrusive and real-time support for patients 24 hours a day, whether they are at home, during daily activities, or in the hospital, significantly improving quality of life. In addition, it give hospitals the ability to know exactly what is happening to their ostomy patients at all times, reducing the time nurses need to spend managing each patient, the use of overflow bags and tubes, while potentially reducing the length of hospital stay.

11 Health was founded in 2013, and they have since raised over £1.2 million and established full FDA 510K approval. In 2014 they won Health Technology company of the year by Tech London Advocates, Best Mobile App at the Annual Hertfordshire Digital Awards, as well as the Breakout Award at the 2016 AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards. In addition, the startup has received funding from SBRI Healthcare, and was part of the 2016-17 cohort of the DigitalHealth.London accelerator.