Bluedrop Medical Develop Device To Detect And Monitor Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Bluedrop Medical Develop Device To Detect And Monitor Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcer is a major healthcare concern throughout the world and is one of the most common and serious complications in diabetic patients. Treatment is difficult and expensive, with the average cost per ulcer estimated at $17,000, and a total cost of over $17 billion per year in the USA alone. The healing times can be anywhere from 2 weeks to over a year, and if the ulcer causes severe damage to tissue and bone it may require amputation. This not only double the cost, but have devastating consequences for patients, and developing new technologies that help better prevent diabetic foot ulcers is of high importance.

The Galway, Ireland-based startup Bluedrop Medical is determined to reduce the burden of diabetic foot ulcers, and is focused on developing a device that can detect and predict their formation. The smart, home-based remote monitoring system resembles an electronic weighing scale that you might have in your bathroom, enabling patients to scan their feet daily. The data is sent to the cloud for analysis using advanced algorithms capable of detecting abnormalities before ulcers develop, providing actionable alerts to both patient and provider.

Diabetes complications include nerve damage and poor blood circulations, making the feet vulnerable to skin ulcers that are difficult to treat. About 1 in 4 diabetics will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their life, and is the number one cause of hospitalization for diabetics. Bluedrop Medical has developed an innovative device that enable early detection of diabetic foot ulcers, making treatment easier while greatly improving outcomes and costs. Early detection can prevent hundreds of thousands of amputations worldwide and save billions of dollars every year in healthcare costs.

The best strategy for preventing complications of diabetes, including foot ulcers, is proper diabetes management and foot care. Bluedrop’s device will not change current strategies, but serve as an additional aid that help patients better monitor and manage their disease, enabling early intervention and treatment if abnormalities are discovered. The startup has developed a powerful digital tool that improve patient engagement and could not only improve diabetic foot ulcer management, but health outcomes and quality of life for millions of people.

Bluedrop Medical was founded in 2015 by the two medical device engineers Chris Murphy and Simon Kiersey, and have since been selected as one of the most innovative technologies in the field of wound care by winning two prestigious Journal of Wound Care awards in 2017. The startup has also raised €600,000 from Ian Quinn and Payl Gilson, two Galway medical device entrepreneurs, together with Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Up fund. In March 2017, it was announced that Bluedrop is among 8 startups in Dreamit Health’s accelerator program.