Oncolinx Develop Targeted Cancer Therapies Without Serious Side Effects

Oncolinx Develop Targeted Cancer Therapies Without Serious Side Effects
All cancer drugs cause side effects. The degree and kind of side effects may vary based on what drug type is used, and even vary from person to person on the same drug and dosage. Some side effects are inconvenient and upsetting, affecting patients psychologically and socially, while others are serious life threatening medical conditions that even can occur months or years after treatment. This occur when healthy tissues or organs are affected, and developing new treatments that exclusively target cancer cells and thereby avoid many of the severe side effects of current therapies is of high importance.

The Buffalo, NY-based startup Oncolinx is developing the next generation of targeted cancer therapies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Their promising cancer immunotherapy is based on the biologically active drug called Azonafide. The drug both induce cancer cells death and activate the immune system through immunogenic cell death, resulting in dendritic cell activation and T-cell epitope spreading. The patented, immune-activating drug is attached to a monoclonal antibody, carrying it exclusively to cancer cells and not healthy cells, thereby avoiding many of the adverse side-effects of current cancer treatments. The drug's potency has been validated in multiple cell lines, including colorectal, lung, breast, renal, and other solid and blood cancers, and has shown a unique ability in treating drug-resistant tumor and cancer stem cells, enhancing the long-term eradication of disease.

Traditional cancer treatment is plagued with toxic side effects and a lack of clinical response durability. Oncolinx is developing an innovative solution that could change how we treat cancer. It exclusively target cancer cells, potentially increasing treatment efficacy for multiple cancer types. In fact, the startup has signed multiple partnership agreements with universities and pharmaceutical companies, giving them access to an arsenal of different monoclonal antibodies, which can fight as many as 30 different cancer indications. The unique targeted approach could also help avoid side effects, whether they are inconvenient or life threatening. And although it is still early, with the startup aiming to enter clinical trials during 2017, it could significantly improve quality of life for millions of people who undergo cancer treatment around the world.

Drawing on scientific innovation of the National Cancer Institute, Oncolinx was founded in 2013 and launched from the Center for Advancing Innovation’s (CIA) inaugural entrepreneurship competition, the Breast Cancer StartupChallenge. The startup has since participated in and won multiple prestigious startup competitions, including MassChallenge, MassBio, Rice Business Plan Competition and 43North. In addition, they have been awarded incubator space from Mass Innovation Labs and the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx accelerator.

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