Strados Labs Develop Wearable And Digital Health Platform To Improve Respiratory Health

Strados Labs Develop Wearable And Digital Health Platform To Improve Respiratory Health
Asthma is one of the major noncommunicable diseases, with some 235 million people currently suffering from it. According to the latest WHO estimates, there were 383 000 deaths due to asthma in 2015, and asthma-related hospitalizations cost over $56 billion a year in the US alone. Although asthma cannot be cured, medication are used to relieve symptoms, control progression and reduce asthma exacerbation and death. In addition, avoiding triggers can reduce the severity of asthma, and better self-management can prevent a majority of asthma attacks and improve quality of life.

The Philadelphia-based startup Strados Labs is determined to improve respiratory health and help patients better manage the challenges of living with asthma. They are developing Pulmawear, a wearable device that sticks to the chest or back and collects respiratory data, combined with a software platform for data analysis. The wearable device continuously monitor the user’s respiratory status, including frequency of coughs, wheezes, as well as the duration of inhalation and exhalation. The complementary application analyses the respiratory data so that patients can see trends in their condition, track medication use, in addition to include environmental data, such as humidity and pollen count. If any signs of early symptoms of an asthma attack is detected, the user will receive an alert through the smartphone.

Because triggers that cause asthma attacks are individual, and failure to use appropriate medications and adhere to treatment can lead to hospitalization and even death, experts recommend patients to keep diary of symptoms, triggers and use of medicine. Recording this information will help recognize attacks and head them off before becoming seriously ill, and doctors can use it to evaluate how well the treatment plan is working. Strados Labs is developing an innovative hardware and software solution that will improve self-management of asthma. Unlike other solutions currently on the market that only provide a snapshot of information at the point of measurement, or rely on manually writing down symptoms into an app or diary, Pulmawear offer continuous monitoring through its wearable.

The technology improve patient engagement while potentially reducing hospital admissions and associated costs. Most importantly, Strados Labs and their Pulmawear solution help patients more accurately assess asthma control, as well as parents who constantly worry if their child might have an attack. It give doctors quantitative data on whether or not the current treatment plan is working, and the alert provided if symptoms of an attack are detected enable quick intervention to improve health outcomes. The technology put patients’ and their caregivers’ minds at ease, potentially improving quality of life for millions of people.

Strados Labs was founded by Nick Delmonico, Tanziyah Muqeem and Yu Kan Au in June, 2016, after attending a medical “hack-a-thon” in Philadelphia. The startup has since won the WeWork’s Creator Awards, Temple University’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl, and will take part of NextFab’s 2017 spring cohort of the RAPID Hardware Accelerator.