Tevosol Develop Device To Increase Organs Available For Transplantation

Tevosol Develop Device To Increase Organs Available For Transplantation
Despite advances in medicine and technology, and increased awareness of organ donation and transplantation, the gap between supply and demand continues to widen. In fact, the number of organ transplants remain relatively static per year, while the number of people added to the transplant list continues to grow. Unfortunately, less than 25% of donated organs are deemed suitable for transplantation. A major factor is the current standard of care for organ preservation, cold storage, which limits preservation time and transport distance.

The Edmonton-based startup Tevosol is determined to increase the number of organs available for transplantation worldwide. They have developed the Ex-Vivo Organ Support System (EVOSS), a portable warm perfusion device that achieve better recovery of organs, resuscitation of dysfunctional organs, and longer preservation of organ function. According to the startup, the system consists of a common hardware platform with organ-specific single-use disposable cassettes for lungs, hearts, livers and kidneys. The technique keep the organs warm and oxygenated as if they were still in the body, and even resuscitates organs deemed unsuitable, potentially tripling the number of available donor organs worldwide.

The demand for organ transplantation has rapidly increased all over the world the last decades, however the unavailability of adequate organs to meet the demand has resulted in a major organ shortage crises. Unfortunately, the current standard of storing organs result in progressive tissue damage, giving the organ only a six-hour window of viability. Tevosol’s unique innovation keeps the organ warm and supplied with oxygen, making many organs initially deemed unsuitable and discarded available for transplant. In fact, tests on hundreds of animal organs indicate that it can keep ex-vivo organs stable and transplantable for up to 24 hours, increasing the possible transport distance and chance of finding a match of donor and recipient. EVOSS could transform organ transplantation by significantly increasing available donor organs available worldwide, reducing the growing waiting list, while improving the outcomes of those receiving the transplant.

Tevosol, a University of Alberta spinoff company, was founded in 2015, and in 2016 announced they had raised $2 million in funding from undisclosed backers. The startup has been part of the TEC Edmonton Accelerator, and in 2016 won Scientific Achievement and Innovation Award at BioAlberta’s 17th annual AGM and Awards Gala in Calgary for their work in changing the face of organ transplantation with EVOSS.
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