CutoSense Develop Innovative Technology To Measure And Treat Hard-To-Heal Wounds

CutoSense Develop Innovative Technology To Measure And Treat Hard-To-Heal Wounds
The skin serve as the primary protective barrier to the outside world and any disruption must therefore be quickly and efficiently repaired in order to restore tissue integrity and function. Quite often proper wound healing is impaired with devastating consequences, leading to morbidity and death. Although the precise global burden is unknown, annual treatment costs has reached over $20 billion in the US alone. And unfortunately, the burden is growing rapidly due to an aging population and a rapid increase in diabetes and obesity. To fight the growing public health problem, clinicians need to be more proactive in their approach to wound care, adopting new and advanced technologies that increase healing, reduce cost and improve patient outcomes.

The Finnish startup CutoSense is determined to fight hard-to-heal wounds and is developing a measurement and treatment system, called MC-Patch, that assess wound healing and provide electro-stimulation to allow faster recovery. The system consists of four parts: 1. Wound patch, a thin electrode-containing foil that is placed between the hard-to-heal wound and the dressing. 2. An autonomous electrostimulation pod that attaches to the patch, providing pulsed low intensity direct current (LIDC) stimulation to the wound. 3. A wound status measurement unit is attached to the foil on wound, and contains a wireless transmitter that sends data to a 4. handheld reader with software to analyze and display measurement outcomes.

Hard-to-heal wounds represent a major global medical, social and economic burden that greatly affects a person’s quality of life. They don’t heal on their own and occur in populations that are sharply rising as the world ages and chronic diseases increase. Treatment requires frequent clinic visits to assess healing and change dressing in order to optimize the healing process, which can be demanding for both the patient and the carer. CutoSense has developed an innovative system that could change how hard-to-heal wounds are assessed and treated, enabling faster healing and better results compared to current solutions.

The ability to remotely measure the wound healing minimize the need for dressing removal and visual inspection, reducing unnecessary, painful and costly dressing changes that can cause mechanical stress on newly formed tissue. In fact, in clinical tests at Tempere University Hospital on patients with chronic lower-limb ulcers, the technology was found to accurately describe the wound status, reducing dressing changes by at least 70%. In combination with the electro-stimulation, the technology increase healing to allow faster recovery and improved patients outcomes.

CutoSense was founded in 2015 after long scientific research, with concept and technology financed by owners and Tekes. The startup has been part of the Life Science Accelerator, a Finnish initiative to access innovation potential within university research and create new successful businesses, and the MC-Patch system is in the final stages, with adjustments being made to better suit mass production.