Dash MD Deliver Aftercare Instruction Through Innovative Digital Health Solution

Dash MD Deliver Aftercare Instruction Through Innovative Digital Health Solution

In order to increase quality of care and make healthcare more efficient we tend to focus on the admission process, when the patient is most sick. We work to improve accuracy and reliability of diagnostics and make better treatment options that improve patient outcomes and shorten hospital stays. The discharge process rarely get the same level of attention, but can be just as important. Many patients leave the hospital with a host of issues to manage in order to assure a successful recovery, including taking medications, monitoring symptoms and managing follow-up appointments. However, one in five patients return to hospital within 30 days, highlighting the need to develop solutions that help improve care after discharge.

The Toronto-based startup Dash MD is determined to provide recently discharged hospital patients with the resources they need to successfully manage their recovery. They have developed an innovative digital health app that allow hospitals to create custom aftercare content, which help educate and inform patients about their recovery process, as well as help them locate nearby healthcare providers and manage appointments. The app is downloaded by patients and the appropriate aftercare plan is chosen based on a card given to patients before they are discharged from the hospital, giving them access to hospital specific information and tools to find follow-up care, services and products.

The idea of the app was born after Zack Fisch Rothbart, the CEO of Dash MD, broke his leg. After being discharged, he felt a tingling feeling and pain in the leg, but thought it was part of the healing process. The cast had been put on too tight, decreasing blood flow to his leg. Failing to absorb what the nurse had told him about how to care for his leg, he didn’t know what warning signs and symptoms to look out for, risking an amputation.

Hospital readmissions is a major problem costing billions of dollars every year. Preventing these readmission could not only reduce unplanned use of resources, but increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. As a result, hospitals are now working hard to find solutions that can bring their readmission rates down. Dash MD has developed an innovative and powerful digital health solution that could help both patients and healthcare providers. It provide specific aftercare instructions straight to patients’ smartphone, access information of common symptoms and direct patients to appropriate care providers depending on severity, and manage medications, appointments and contacts relevant to their recovery. The simple, yet innovative and powerful solution help educate patients, potentially accelerating the recovery process, improving health outcomes and quality of life, while reducing readmission rates and giving hospitals valuable patient experience feedback.

Dash MD was founded in 2015 by Zack Fisch Rothbart, Kaye Mao and Cory Blumenfeld, and the technology is currently being piloted in hospitals in Canada. The startup has won the CBC Toronto’s 2017 pitch competition, Spark Innovation Centre’s annual Ignite startup competition, and been part of ventureLAB.