Steadiwear Develop Innovative Gloves To Help Reduce Hand Tremors

Steadiwear Develop Innovative Gloves To Help Stop Hand Tremors

Millions of people with Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors live with shaky hands. Although hand tremors themselves are not life threatening, they can be embarrassing and even disabling, making it difficult and in some cases impossible to perform daily life tasks. Although there are treatment options that can be effective, including surgery and medications, these are not only invasive and carry serious side effects, but may not be a viable option for many patient groups due to additional medical conditions.

The Toronto-based startup Steadiwear is determined to deliver a noninvasive, non-pharmacological solution to reduce tremors. They have developed a lightweight, compact glove using fluid vibration dampering, the same technology used in earthquake-proof building design. The smart fluid in the glove provide instant and equal resistance to hand tremors, allowing patients to move their hands voluntarily but stiffen up when encountering the quick, jerky movements associated with tremors. This means that the technology is adaptable to any tremor level, and since it doesn’t require batteries it can be worn all day long, every day.

The idea of the wearable was born after Mark Elias was visiting his grandmother. As they were having a cup of coffee, her tremors flared up, shaking uncontrollably, spilling coffee and burning her hands. The painful experience made Elias determined to find a solution, and together with Emile Maamary who lived with a friend who suffered from essential tremors, he formed Steadiwear.

Essential tremors is the most common adult neurologic disorder with an estimated 10 million people suffering from the condition. In addition, hand tremors can be symptoms of other neurological condition and diseases, including Parkinson’s. Current treatment options either rely on powerful drugs, surgery, weighted gloves that impede voluntary movement, and Botox injections that paralyze muscles. Steadiwear is developing a simpler, less invasive and expensive way to control hand tremors. Their innovative wearable technology is based on personal experience and an understanding of how tremors impact everyday life for millions of people, reducing quality of life. Its lightweight, comfortable and safe nature could help increase access to care, improving quality of life. And with an aging population, there is a demand for innovative products like this to help people live more comfortable lives.

Steadiwear was founded in 2015 and later joined the University of Toronto’s Impact Centre. The startup has also won multiple awards and competitions, including 1st place in the RESI on MaRS Innovation Challenge and Aging 2.0’s Global Startup Search pitch competition, as well as the Ontario Brain Institute’s Ontrepreneurs Pitch Challenge. In addition, they have been awarded OCE SmartStart grant and are taking part in Jumpstart 2017.